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Hair and Fashion: Is there a relationship?

Posted on: Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Do you believe that being fashionable is important and relates to the hair industry?  Does it have an impact on your clients? 

 Fashion and hair go hand and hand; it’s a packaged look.   It is extremely important to look the part.  If you have one without the other, the bad outweighs the good.   Our clients come to us for our expertise, and to see what is new and trendy for the season.  It is our job to deliver on this. 

How does Redken influence this?

 Redken has a strong connection to the fashion industry, as seen on all the major runways and fashion shows.  5th Avenue and New York City is “the hot spot” for high fashion, and also the home of Redken.

Vibe is fashion, uptown, and sophistication. A place to spoil yourself, it's about relaxation, balance, and beauty.

Located in the heart of Bedford, Nova Scotia, the Vibe salon environment is upbeat and fashion oriented with an urban chic flair, the spa is relaxing, nurturing, and indulgent. Since opening in August 2006, Vibe has caused quite a stir as Bedford's first and largest only full service salon & medi-spa.