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So Many Products… How Do I Know Which One To Apply When?

Posted on: Monday, February 27th, 2012

Last week, the Vibe Girl talked about a new skin treatment now being offered at Vibe Salon Medi Spa.  This week, we will talk about how important it is to use the right products to keep your skin clear, healthy and younger-looking.  What skin care professionals know is that it’s just as important to use products in the right order, to ensure your skin receives the best penetration of key ingredients. The correct “layering” of products can make all the difference between skin that’s hydrated, smooth and protected, and skin that’s dull, lifeless and aging before its time.

Here’s your essential order of what products to use, and when to use them:


1. Cleanse

Cleansing removes dirt, oils and dead cells that can clog pores. It’s an important first step.  Never go to bed without cleansing your skin!

2. Tone

Next, generously spritz with a toner to help rehydrate and rebalance skin, and boost moisture. This saturation will also help skin to absorb key ingredients in the products you’ll apply next.

3. Serums & Treatment Creams

Now you have a clean, well-prepped face. The order of products you apply from this point forward is important. The one you apply first will penetrate the most – so choose and apply the products that target your biggest concerns (like age-fighting or acne-fighting.

Have more than one concern you want to target? Apply one product during the day, then switch to the other at night so you can get the greatest penetration of ingredients from each.

4. Moisturize/Sunscreen

Next, apply your moisturizer or SPF over face and neck. If you use both, apply your SPF last.



5. Exfoliate (1-3 x a week) after cleansing

Proper exfoliation will rid skin of dead surface cells. Without it, a build up of cells can act as a barrier – preventing beneficial from getting in, leading to congestion and dullness.

6. Mask (as needed)

Follow exfoliation with a 10-minute Mask designed for your skin type or needs. It will deliver a surge of beneficial ingredients to just-exfoliated skin.

Nighttime Anti-Aging, Smoothing + Brightening

Swap your SPF with a nighttime anti-aging creme formulated with retinol (always use retinols at night, as the sun makes them weaker and less effective in the day), AHA product, or targeted brightening product.



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