Spring Clean Our Body With The Help Of Acupuncture

Winter is OVER! Spring is here, believe it or not!
If winter is the time to regenerate the body, spring is the season to cleanse or detoxify it. Spring is the season of growing and blooming, new bright colours, green grass and the sweet smell of BBQ’s. In Chinese medicine, spring is the liver (wood) season. The liver should be supported through nourishing, soothing or cleansing activities. Ie: Yoga, Tai Chi and acupuncture.steaming-tea-cup_full

Recognize that if your body is very toxic, you may experience a “cleansing reaction” which is a temporary worsening of symptoms, or flu-like symptoms, before you improve. Fire Cupping and Acupuncture can minimize this ‘Cleansing reaction’.

Fire Cupping is widely applied to treat any acute joint pain or muscle spasm as well as internal disorders. As our skin operates as a detoxing organ, fire cupping helps to eliminate toxins from the area where the cups are attached by pulling the toxins from the skin. And it feels great! Cupping feels like a deep tissue massage that pulls instead of pushing!
Flushing out toxins stored during the long winter months is ESSENTIAL for optimal balance and well-being and aids a healthy transition into the spring and summer months. To learn how you can spring clean your body with acupuncture and fire cupping, book today with Andrea, Registered Acupuncturist.

And better yet, Acupuncture is covered by most insurance companies!

Sweater Weather Is Better Weather

Sweater Weather is Better Weather

As the saying goes, “sweater weather is better weather.”  The change in temperature can really confuse your hair- both color and texture.  The Vibe Girl wants to let you know how to update your ‘do to keep it looking fresh for fall.

Amp Up Moisture

You know the itchy, dry skin that naturally comes with colder weather?  The same goes for your hair.  The transition between summer to fall is when it is vital to add a hair mask or change your shampoo and conditioner so your hair can adjust to the change in seasons.  Look for extra moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, sunflower oil and avocado oil to secure hydration in your strands.  We recommend Pureology Hydrate line for that added moisture.fall sweater2

Go Darker

Summer is synonymous with sun-kissed hair, with highlights a staple for pretty much all shades.  As your time outside shortens as the weather gets colder, those highlights will fade.  Why not beat nature to the punch by going a shade or two darker for fall.  Coloring it darker allows this transition to happen easier and evens out the color.  Darker doesn’t always mean brown, it could be a darker red, or blonde.

Invest in Volumizer

Lots of Humidity = Big Hair.  As the weather gets colder, the humidity decreases, which may cause your hair to go flat.  Womp womp.  We would recommend the MorocanOil Root Lift, to give roots that much needed boost.fall sweater3

Try a Clarifying Shampoo

Summer can leave a lot of build-up at your roots- salt sprays, sunsceens and sand can all cause greasy, limp roots.  Start the season off right by giving your hair and scalp a good detox by using clarifying shampoo once every two weeks or as recommended by your stylist.  We recommend Redken Hair Cleansing Crème, and for those with a lot of build up from hard water and chlorine, we would recommend an in salon treatment.



Your Kidney’s And Acupuncture

Did you know…?

March is National Kidney Health Month!

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year and they are taking steps to empower individuals to actively engage in their kidney health care.

According to the Kidney Foundation of Canada:

  • 1 in 10 Canadians have kidney disease
  • 200, 000 Canadians are on dialysis
  • 2.2M Canadians are unaware they are suffering from kidney damage      because there are no symptoms until kidney disease is quite advanced.
  • Nearly 95% of those with chronic kidney disease have never been told by a health care professional that they have kidney disease or dysfunction (read more from CTV News HERE)

The Good News:

In many cases, kidney disease can be prevented or managed and kidney failure avoided. The Kidney Foundation of Canada has launched a free online tool to help promote awareness and encourage early detection and screening. People at risk of developing kidney disease should be evaluated regularly. These people include those with diabetes, high blood pressure or blood vessel diseases, and close relatives of people with hereditary kidney disease.Acupuncture therapy - alternative medicine

Acupuncture and TCM can benefit in prevention of the disease by optimizing the function of the kidneys and improve the quality of life for the individual. Here are a few articles that may be helpful:

  • Acupuncture Lowers Blood Pressure, Protects Kidneys HERE
  • Acupuncture in the Treatment of Renal Colic HERE

If you or someone you know is fighting Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and/or Weight Loss, or are ready to stop smoking, contact Andrea McKee, Registered Acupuncturist, to see how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help change your life today.



Reference: Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC)

The New Look Of Lips and Nails for Spring 2014

Orange Isn’t The New Black:  For Spring, it’s the New Lip.

 Red lips have been having a major beauty moment the past few seasons but this spring, there’s a new hue in town fighting for your attention. Orange lips, while somewhat unconventional, are easier to do and more flattering than you might think.  Orange is a powerful statement, and a very Happy color!  Not to mention, it’s beautiful on all skin tones, whether you are pale or dark or have yellower undertones.file_180077_3_orange-lipstick
Warm skin tones: If you have more yellow/golden tones to your skin, look for yellow based oranges.

file_180077_2_Orange-Lipstick-2 Cool skin tones: Does your skin have more of a pink or red tone to it? Lean towards red or coral based oranges for a more natural look.

How have nail shapes evolved?  If you have watched any of the award shows of late, you will have noticed that the manicure of the moment is sculpted, a little pointy, and….. not largeshort!  Everyone from Adele, Katy Perry and Nicole Richie were sporting long, pointy, almond shaped nails.  They say that the new shapes- pointed, oval or a combination do for fingers what four inch stilettos do for your legs.  They make them look longer and thinner!
What are your thoughts on the new lip and nail trends going into Spring 2014?


Holiday Styling 101….

We all want to look our best during the holidays, one of the few times a year we reunite with most of our family and friends. If you need a little beautifying boost, you’re in luck. Here are a few easy styling tricks that will amp up your party look in no time.

glitter1. Wear a simple, elegant updo, like a sleek, polished ponytail.  Keep frizz and flyaways under control with a lightweight shine serum. Our favorite? Morocanoil Frizz Free Shine Spray.

2. Luminous skin is your best accessory.  Sweep highlighting powder in soft pink along cheekbones to brighten your face.  Try Jane Iredale Cosmetics.

3. When in doubt, wear black.   It always looks chic.  Add a little sparkle and you are ready to go!

4. Say it with RedBe festive and paint your nails red.  Try OPI Gel Polish to get you through all those holiday parties. It won’t disappoint!

5. Flutter like a ButterflyApply false lashes or experience Misencil Lash Extensions.  They will instantly open your eyes and you will feel glamorous.

6. Wear a statement necklace or ring. Tis’ the season for jewel tones or silver and gold baubles.

7. Don’t be afraid to show some skin Apply a body oil or lotion with a bit of shimmer to décolletage, arms and legs for some exciting sparkle.  We love Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar or Morocanoil Shimmer Spray.

8. Keep brows well groomed—they’re the frame for your face. Have you tried a brow tint when having your brows shaped?  What a great way to define your eyes in just 15 minutes.

~By Marilyn Rose