Fill In and Perfect Your Eyebrows With Professional 3D Fine Line Eyebrow Tattooing

Achieve gorgeous, face-framing brows without picking up another eyebrow pencil! 3D fine line eyebrow tattooing at Vibe Salon & MediSpa in Bedford provides long-term, beautiful results. By creating a brow shape that uniquely fits your face and enhances your features, you’ll appear more symmetrical, youthful, and glamorous (while saving time on your makeup routine every day!). Book your complimentary consultation today.

What is 3D Fine Line Brow Tattooing?

3D fine line brow tattooing is a low-maintenance solution for beautiful eyebrows. A cosmetic tattooing machine is used to gently implant pigment into the skin using fine needles. This procedure is categorized as micropigmentation.

3D fine line brow tattooing can give you very natural, soft brows that mimic to appearance of brow hair, or more dramatic filled in brows like powdered makeup—the choice is yours! Kerri, Vibe’s experienced brow technician, will work with you to create your perfect brow!

Micropigmentation vs Microblading

3D eyebrow embroidery is a safe, semi-permanent technique that helps fill out your brows, shaping them perfectly to your face. Learn more and book your free consultation.

Micropigmentation tattooing uses a single micropoint needle and a digital machine. The fine needle deposits pigment one point at a time, which controls the precise distribution of depth and colour. Micropigmentation also causes less abrasion and minimal to no bleeding or scar tissue. This process ensures reduced swelling, redness, irritation, infection, and skin peeling. This method is preferred due to its safety and respect of your skin. Micropigmentation colour will fade after a few years and touch-ups will be dependant on the individual client and their skin type and lifestyle. Some people retain pigment much better than others.

In contrast, microblading uses a hand tool and tiny blade to manually etch in individual hair strokes. This is a more semi-permanent method which requires touch-ups every 6-12 months. Microblading can be a good introductory method, however, it is not advised to microblade your eyebrows more than 3 or 4 times to prevent scar tissue from forming.

Recovery time:
1 week

Number of treatments:
2 treatments

Approximate cost:
$750 – 2 appointments
$250 – Touch-up within 12 months
$350 – Touch-up over 12 months

Treatment time:
2 hours

Longevity of results:
Touch-up required after 3-5 years

*Results for treatments represented above may vary from person to person.

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