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The safety of our team and guests is our top priority.

Here is what you can expect at your next visit with our Covid Protocols.

Please note our hours:
Monday – Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
*please note these hours vary by department

Covid Protocols:

Optional Masks: Please let us know if you prefer your service provider wear a mask.

Sanitize Upon Arrival: we will direct you to our hand sanitizer/washing station

Encourage Touch-less Payment Options: we encourage you to use debit/credit tap if possible

Stations, Treatment Rooms, and Equipment Will Be Sanitized: in between each guest to maintain guest and team safety

Sheets, Towels, and Robes, and Other Laundry: will be laundered after each service

Please Reschedule: If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please contact us to reschedule your appointment