Achieve Smoother, Plumper Lips in Minutes with Lip Fillers

Enhance your lips’ shape and fullness with no downtime. Lip fillers, including Juvéderm®, can help you attain luscious, kissable lips in as little as 15 minutes. Trust Vibe’s dedicated medical aesthetics team—including Dr. van Aardt, one of Canada’s highest ranked Juvéderm® physicians—to create beautiful, natural-looking results you’ll love. Book your consultation now!

As we age, our bodies’ hyaluronic acid begins to decrease. Our lips start to lose volume and appear much thinner. Lip fillers can be used to enhance or restore the shape and definition of the lips, giving them a natural-looking, attractive appearance.

Made of hyaluronic acid to mimic what our bodies produce naturally, lip fillers provider a non-surgical, relatively pain-free way to produce plumper lips. By injecting small amounts of filler in targeted areas—including the lips, lip borders, or top edge of the upper lip—the result is smoother, more shapely lips. Treatment can be repeated over time to help patients achieve their desired fullness.

For best results, we often use Juvéderm® Volbella—a lip filler specifically designed for the sensitive lip area which includes pain-reducing lidocaine and provides long-lasting results.

Discover the Lunchtime Lips Treatment

It’s never been more convenient to achieve the lips you’ve been longing after! Lunchtime Lips is named after the fact that many busy patients are able to visit Vibe over their lunch hour (or any time they can spare 15 minutes) to receive their lip filler treatment, and then return to work or resume regular activities. Dr. van Aardt’s technique minimizes visible signs of treatment for your discretion and beautiful results, instantly.

Lip Filler Treatment & Price

Recovery time:
1-7 days

Number of treatments:

Approximate price:
on avg. $650/syringe

Treatment time:
30 minutes

Longevity of results:
Results can last 6-12 months

*Results for treatments represented above may vary from person to person.

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Discover how lip fillers can help you achieve the plumper, smoother, luscious-looking lips you’ve been longing after in as little as 15 minutes. Book your complimentary consultation today!

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